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Time is the enemy – Finding time for me and arguing with the husband


On a day when we lose a precious hour it did seem rather appropriate to do a blog on finding the time to do stuff for ourselves. To be honest, it’s partially because I’ve had a rough week with an ill child, constantly after my attention and a husband who is usually around during the week, but wasn’t this week. It’s also partially down to an argument I’ve just had with my husband over the old favourite – who’s working the hardest/doing the most/the tiredest (is that a word?).

I got really angry about it, because to be frank it’s been a week since I last blogged and I keep having great ideas and not having a moment to write about it. I haven’t complained about it (I don’t think) and I’ve just accepted that this is how this week has panned out. I got on with it I’m the hope that I could snatch a few hours on the weekend. Inevitably all my ideas failed me when I did grab 10 mins, so I tidied the garden and did the washing instead. So now I’m here, on a Sunday having “had words” with a husband who has snuck upstairs to do some work and isn’t having to supervise colouring in a princess magazine whilst desperately trying to produce a blog post.

I’m not sure when the “me” time improves or whether it ever does. I’ve got a 4 yr old and a 15mth old and I’m thinking I might get more time when they are heading into their teens. Its not as if I’m asking for weekend spas (although that would be nice), day long shopping sprees, trips to the cinema or even a coffee with friends without trouser tugging. I’m asking for 20 friggin minutes to write something.

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve batted back every question from the 4 yr old ballerina and managed to write something. Well done me. I’m now off to play barbie dolls, sort out clothes and tidy a bathroom that quite frankly should have been done 3 weeks ago. Enjoy your Sunday folks. :)

The Ungrateful Mother

All morning (well since 9.30am when I got up) I’ve been composing a blog post in my head.  It went something like this:

What I wanted to happen on mothers day (choccies, flowers, arranged lunch out, a clean house)

What ACTUALLY happened on mothers day. (2 cards) MOAN MOAN MOAN

But I’ve had to wait for the laptop to fire up. I then went off to sort some washing out and hubby and the 4 year old are out visiting someone nearby. I was trying to work out what photo to put up and as I still don’t know how to sync my iPhone to the laptop, that took some time to decide to leave it. So by the time I actually wandered back to the laptop to do my big moany post, I had a change of heart.

Yes, my hubby doesn’t always think in great detail about what I might actually want and yes I did request chocolates or flowers or a home-made gift from the kids last year after a similar ungrateful feeling, but it was a year ago.  My husband is very busy (just like me) and spends 2 days looking after said kids, cooks, cleans (to some extent) and generally shares a lot of duties.  Why is all the onus on him to make this a special day when I just need to be honest and create the day I want?

So I’m going to stick a smile on my face when he gets back.  I’m not going to moan or drop sarcastic comments about the lack of anything.  Next year my daughter will be 5 and I’ll tell her 2 weeks before mothers day what I’d like her and her younger brother to buy and kick-start a tradition.  Hubby will just do as he’s told my the daughter and I’ll be a happy mummy.

Phew!! Moan over. Ungrateful mother, over and out.

Why Blog? Seriously?

I thought it was about time I put something up to explain myself. Why am I blogging, what’s with the name, why can’t you see my face.  That sort of thing.  I’m going with an analogy.

At the moment I’m at the back of the class in Aerobics.  I’ve signed up to the latest craze of Step.  Incapable and uncoordinated I’m making a bit of a fool of myself.  However, it’s ok because I’m at the BACK of the class.  I’m watching what is going on, building my confidence and hoping at some point in the future I might actually get to creep a little closer to the front (maybe one row?)

But if you don’t get the Aerobic reference (if you aren’t a gal or guy who spent her/his 20’s intermittently attending the latest fad exercise class) then I’ll explain myself a bit better.

I once blogged. Many moons ago but treated it a bit like a diary and an opportunity for friends back in Australia to find out what I was doing in my life. It was great because I used it to let everyone know when I was finally pregnant after years and years of infertility.   I stopped after a while, it was very self-indulgent and even my avid friends were growing weary of the topics.  I’ve now started this blog, anonymously.  A bit controversial I know and I imagine for all the reasons being anonymous is brilliant, there are plenty more that will result in a hindrance for me. I imagine knowing little about me or not being able to see a face will make it less personal somehow, not sure.  However, from my point of view, it will hopefully mean I’m more likely to post risqué topics (when I get my confidence) and not feel I’m compromising my family in the process.

I’m actually a big twitterer.  I have my real name out there and have followed lots and lots of bloggers (accidentally) in the last year.  I thoroughly enjoy reading their posts, commenting, RT’ing.  But having got a good following from doing nothing more than interacting, I felt a bit cheeky to spring a blog on everyone.  I didn’t want anyone to think I had some sort of tactic in mind when I started.  I genuinely didn’t.  So I’m starting from scratch, I’m following different people, different bloggers and seeing where it takes me.

I’m going to need all the help I can get, but I’m learning from the pros.