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Saying Goodbye to the baby days

You may have remembered I posted last year about the big decision to not have anymore children.  You can read it here, but the long and short of it was that my husband was really against the idea and I was undecided.  My age and my immune condition also played a factor in the decision-making and so it was that we drew a line and settled on being a family of 4.

Nothing much has happened since then, except that my broodiness magically disappeared about a month later so I presume it’s 2 year-long presence had been based on the idea that I may still have more and with a decision being final, my brain caught up.

Time is marching on and my 2 yr old (TM) is growing up.  The baby bottles morning and night got phased out and currently sit forlornly on the windowsill, presumably waiting for the “clearing away” fairy to bin them and she hasn’t done it yet.  We’ve removed the changing mat from the back kitchen and put all our recycling boxes there instead.  TM isn’t a big fan of it now and he’s too long in the body for him to lie there safely. Continue reading

Shopping – 41 year old style

Remember that day of shopping I had back in mid February?  The brilliant day organised by my husband that was also supposed to contain an opportunity to sit and read and chill out in a café that didn’t happen because I had to get back home by 4pm for his conference call and nearly had to leave at 2pm because he was held up in a casting call?  Well, I’ve now worn all the clothes that I bought that day, so here they are.

First up is one of the tops from Mint Velvet.  I do love this label and have done ever since I discovered them last year.  I have a beautiful top that I’ve worn on numerous occasions so I was keen to spend an hour browsing and trying on a few others.  As it turned out my moment to visit them happened after the panicked casting call phone call, so I literally legged it over, grabbed a handful of clothes and rushed into the changing room.  I was on my 3rd outfit when he texted to say everything was fine and I didn’t need to rush back…… I retried some of the clothes again.  This is the first top.

The Mint Velvet top without cardigan

The Mint Velvet top without cardigan

This is the best pic of it without my cardigan on. It’s a lovely combination of greys and beiges and has a drawstring on the left side which can create a lovely asymmetrical line. Continue reading

Chelsea Tractors

I’ve been trying to find the right way to blog my grievances about massive 4 x 4s in London.  It is one of my biggest issues on the road but like a lot of people, I do have some friends and family that have them. I will comment on them when I’m asked but otherwise I bite my tongue.  I appreciate everyone has their reasons for buying a car, but I really can’t see the point. 

The biggest argument from hurt friends is  that there is more room.  I don’t get that at all.  Leg room and boot space are exactly the same in an estate car.  There is slightly more head space, but I don’t know anyone that stacks their shopping on top of each other to the ceiling. Might be useful on a camping trip to France, but then you can’t see out the back window anyway and how often is that needed?

The thing Chelsea Tractors say to me is “Look what I can afford”, “I can see for Miles and you can’t” “You can’t get past me” “My child is more important than 10 of your children”.

You see, unfortunately 4 x 4’s are more dangerous to pedestrians because of their height.  A pedestrian (including children) are more likely to be killed if hit by a 4×4 than with a normal sized car.  You can read about it here .

As well as that, normal car users are unable to anticipate traffic with a 4 x 4 in front of them.  I rarely let a 4 x 4 driver out in front of me, because it will mean I can no longer see the line of cars ahead of me or anticipate traffic issues.  This results in me driving in a stop start manner and I hate using my brake if I don’t have to.  This is especially true on motorways where you shouldn’t have to use yoru brake except in extreme cases.  Easing off the accelerator, overtaking, moving back into the left lane is how we should be driving.

Anyway… griveances aside I did read this excellent post from Trying My Patients which reignited my desire to blog about it.  Definitely worth a read.

Chelsea Tractors

“5 year old male hit by car, injuries unknown”
3:30pm. The school run. My money is on a careless driver not watching where they are going and a little kid has paid the price for it. We got about 100 yards from the location given and it clear that it was a school. There was queue of cars obviously stopped because of the incident who were blocking our path to the patient. I’d say at least 50% of said cars were Chelsea Tractors. For those unaware of the term here are some Urban Dictionary ones:

1) Chelsea Tractor 

Any expensive 4×4 that is driven in an urban environment as a status symbol (typically for the school run) and will never be driven off-road.
2) Chelsea Tractor 
An off-road car that never goes off-road

3) Chelsea tractor Noun, a large 4 wheel drive vehicle, driven in cities for ordinary, day to day purposes. eg, Land Rover, BMX X5, etc..

Typically, they are driven by mums for the school run…….because everyone needs a Land Rover Defender to drive half a mile to school to pick up their 1 child. Nothing winds me up more. It’s bad enough that they have them, but they can’t even drive them! Here we are, blue lights and sirens and they all panic! When faced with an ambulance there are some options available. 
a) Pull over to the left allowing us to pass on the wrong side of the road.
b) Keep going and pull into one of the spaces or the bus stop.
c) Stop diagonally across the entire road preventing any traffic from moving in any direction.
Yes. You guessed it. c) was by far the most appealing option! Though some did try b) but the parking sensors clearly weren’t up to scratch. Why have a car you can’t drive?! Thanks to one particular owner of a BMW X5 we had to abandon the ambulance and walk with all of the kit we could carry. I glared at the owner and received:
“What do you fuckin’ expect me to do?”
Nice, in front of her child too. That kid will have a mouth like a toilet by the age of 7! It’ll probably have its its own petrol guzzler too! 
Eventually we got to our patient. Shock horror, he’d been hit by a 4 x 4. Luckily it was low-speed and he had no injuries. The car had reversed and I quote:
“It’s not my fault, the reversing alarm didn’t go off, they shouldn’t have been crossing behind me.”

Overwhelmed and Unorganised

Do you ever find yourself completely overwhelmed by your life? A to do list as long as your arm and everyone wanting a piece of you?

Oh ok. Not just me then!

I am feeling very overwhelmed at the moment. I’m struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

There is the mess that is my house. The constant struggle to keep everything in its place. The older I’ve got the more mess has bothered me (who knew!) and whilst I was a fairly messy 20/30-year-old, it just doesn’t work for me anymore. I can’t bear it. However, I’m so bloody tired all the time, I can’t seem to keep on top of it either! Hubby is home the most and whilst he can be very good at some things, he obviously doesn’t have the same priority list as I do. He’ll let the kitchen get cluttered and dirty and it just won’t bother him. He empties Pickle’s school bag of 10 pictures a day, a few school letters and leave them on the dining table. “I don’t have time” will be his cry. Well neither do I!

The kid’s bedrooms look like a bomb have hit them and it’s got so bad I just don’t know where to start to be honest. All the Christmas and Birthday presents haven’t got “homes” yet and I just need to sit in the room and work it all out. I don’t have the time to do that though. Our bedroom is just AWFUL. Not only have we been unable to afford a carpet in there, but I’ve run out of storage space for shoes and boots and no space for all my cardigans. They are now piling up on the floor. Even my makeup draw has become unmanageable.  My storage box (with towels in it) next to my bed has filled up on top with books upon books, cards, tablets etc… ARghhhhhh.

My bedroom disaster

My bedroom disaster

It took me over a year to work out what to do in our hallway. Then when I started looking for the right cupboard, it took 6 mths of going backwards and forwards to work out which is right and what we could afford. I finally made the decision in November, ordered it and am on a 3 mth waiting list for the bloody thing to arrive. I’ve forgotten what it looks like now. I’ll find out at the end of March though. :)

We’ve also been trying to rejig our living space downstairs. We have an open plan space that incorporates the living room at the front, the original dining room and an extension at the back. It’s a big old space and we just didn’t feel we were using it properly. We’ve now moved the kids play area to the extension alongside the kitchen but want to put our old sofa down there too. We can’t afford a new sofa to put in its place though and we need an arc lamp or similar for where we’ve now put the dining table as it’s so dark. More stuff to think about.

Work has also been a big issue for me. I still only work 30 hours a week across 4 days, still have that rather stressful commute of nursery, school then work and all in reverse at the end of the day. I am currently doing my same project management job but with the added responsibility of managing 2 other PM’s and scheduling all the work. An explosion of new projects seems to have coincided with my appointment in a role that previously wasn’t taken. It’s as if my boss knew this was going to happen and didn’t want to do it herself. It’s stressful. It’s messy. I’m moving projects off people, to shift to others and being chased by Senior Managers and Salesman over who’s doing what. Can’t move stuff until other stuff moves… be honest, it’s all a bit of a nightmare.

With of all of this comes my seasonal stress about my neighbours. They are very noisy, love playing music. Love having parties. Last year they built a “cabin” at the end of the garden for one of the teenager’s drum kits and the dad of the house has spent quite a few days and evenings in there with his annoying music up quite loud. Pink Floyd and other 80’s shite! I can sense that my time in the garden will be limited in the summer. I hate feeling like this. Would like to be able to enjoy my garden.

Then there is the constant children’s birthday parties, juggling of appointments, hubby’s work, childcare, occasional social life, visitors or visiting people, dentist, doctors, school appointments.

What’s the solution? How do I find a way out? Any suggestions on any of my issues would be appreciated as I’m so overwhelmed I could cry.