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Finishing the Job at Hand

In the big scheme of things I appreciate people will say I’m lucky.

I have a husband who cooks, shops and does his fair share of child care.  We both work part-time hours. He may work 2-3 days a week out of the house and spend more time planning and invoicing at home and I work 30 hours a week.  As far as I’m concerned we both own and live in our house and we both made the decision to have children so housework and childcare should be equal.

I think it is, it’s just the little things that now annoy me.

Like the failure to clean  a pan first time.

The fact he claims that greasy tupperware need to keep being washed each day for 3 days to finally clean them. (no, clean it 3 times better just the once)

The emptying of the bin but the failure to put a new liner in it

The shopping left on a counter especially the toilet roll, left for days on the kitchen floor.

The breakfast bowl that isn’t swilled clean and requires a chisel and hammer 7 hours later to clean it.

The latter I’ve decided to just keep leaving until he finally does the washing up himself.

I’ve always started doing this with the bin – piling up rubbish next to it.


Might seem picky, but if I keep finishing these jobs, he’ll never learn.  😉


Our Best Family Holiday Ever

No exaggerating.  Even the hubby said it. In fact “he who never does the same holiday twice” wants to go back again.

We had heard about Coombe Mill Farm via Twitter, lots of bloggers went there and I saw lots of things online about how great it was.  However, I wasn’t entirely convinced at their enthusiasm.  It’s just a Farm Holiday after all.

So, I knew the kids would have fun and we could (at the very least) sit on our balcony and sink a few wines whilst they played out the front.

It was so much more than just a Farm Holiday.

I won’t bore you with the details of what we did every day, you can see most of what goes on by visiting their website and I’ve bored everyone at work with the details already. However, I will give you the highlights and some of the “extras” that make all the difference.

The feed runs every morning at 9am are just fab. You don’t have to go, so if you fancy a lie in, that’s fine, but after doing that on one day, I made every one after that because, quite frankly, I found it fascinating.  Every day is a different conversation with Farmer Nick about some aspect of animals or the running of the farm and I learnt so much. Every conversation was done with ease and smattered with lots of funny comments and I enjoyed every one of them.  Each day is different and the kids got to meet lambs and goats born the night before, treating their umbilical cords, moving bantams or sheep. Basically Farmer Nick used as all as cheap labour and we loved pretending we knew what we were doing.  Needless to say the ride in the trailer is fab for the kids and they all get a chance to drive the tractor too.

IMG_4532With so much in a wide area of land to explore, we only went out on 2 of our 7 days.  Skimming stones in the river, paddling in our boots, walking in the woods, taking some snacks over to the pigs, using all of the play areas (4 in total) and riding the miniature train.  That was just outside, as our lodge also had a play room so my children had a ball.

It was the little things that worked so well: provision of a slop bucket for all your scraps for the pigs, underfloor heating, a massive bed and shower, caps for the kids and a certificate at the end of the holiday.There was a wood burner, the train at 5pm, sticks galore and the play areas that even my 3-year-old could spend some time in unsupervised.  The place felt very empty, even though it wasn’t.  Really idyllic.


Best of all we were also lucky to get involved in an annual mini raft contest instigated by a yearly returning guest.  We had 30 minutes to use some recyclable items to compete.  Here is the masterpiece. We came third!

IMG_4618Seriously. If there is a place to visit in Cornwall with your family, THIS has to be the place to go.

To find out more visit

This is NOT a sponsored post. I received no incentive to post this up.  I felt compelled to do it. :)




Reblogged — Our Update on the BIG move

It’s been such a long time since I last posted which gives you a bit of an idea of the head space I’ve had available.  I’ve been incredibly stressed about lots of things, but let me give you the update.

I went for the interview in Swindon.  It lasted 4 hours and I was pretty sure it went very badly.

The following week they called back and offered me a job.  YAY.

The week after that, they called back and offered me a lower paid job.  Not so YAY.

I went back to negotiate a little on the salary.  They came back, via my voicemail and met me half way. YAY.

We ummed and ahhed and weighed up the pros and cons and I finally decided to take the job.  YAY.

So straight away we had to switch our search area. The negotiation had taken place on the Friday, the day before we were due to go on holiday, but by then we had started looking for houses to visit. We cancelled 2 we had planned to visit en-route to holiday and threw in a different 3.

On the Saturday we packed up for our hols and headed off early to view the properties.  One was just outside Newbury and was really lovely, very detached, big garden, but it was very isolated with no community around and a drive to a primary school, the noise of the busy road behind.  We had a nagging feeling about it, not least because the family selling were doing so to be closer to Newbury, presumably as they weren’t in a good catchment for schools (we looked it up).

One house in Malborough was just very unsuitable. On a busy road and the garden had been photographed to look bigger. Grrrr.

The final house was just lovely. Big house (5 bedroom) with lots of receptions and a decent garden. However, it was in Pewsey which we thought might be ok, but after chatting in the car, decided it was just too far out from family.

So we went off and had a lovely holiday. I accepted my job via email whilst away and we did a couple of planning evenings, picking houses to visit on our return visit.  Hubby headed up to a higher place to make all the calls (we had no mobile) and booked 7 visits.  arghhh.

So we left our holiday on Friday and after a visit to friends en-route and a tyre blowout on the M4, we spent the night at family near Newbury.  My Mother in law came over the following morning to take the children and we began the mammoth task of visiting these houses.

I can tell you a valuable lesson.  If a garden has more than one photo and doesn’t look big, it’ll be big.  If a garden is shot in 1 photograph and looks massive, it’ll be tiny. TINY!  Bloody estate agents.

The two houses we liked the most were the surprises as far as gardens go.  One would require a big building project and the other none at all.

One of them is getting a second visit on Friday.

house drawing