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No more Skinny Minny

It’s happened.  I should have seen it coming.  I’ve seen it creeping up since I was 36 but I just didn’t believe it.

How can I go from being underweight for nearly 30 years to actually having a bad BMI?

From being called some pretty bad names for being so incredibly skinny in high school, to being unable to fit in post pregnancy jeans.  I’m tall, I was never been an 8 by the way.  I’m not being melodramatic.

The jean thing was my tipping point.  It wasn’t just the top of them (my tummy does stick out more than my boobs), it was the thighs as well. I can’t deny it anymore. I watched my mother (one of the skinniest teenagers I’ve ever seen — she used to try to be photographed squishing her thigh on something so she looked bigger FGS) who was a size smaller than me become a 16.  16 is a fine size by the way, if you are built to be a size 16, if you’ve always been a size 16.  It wasn’t my mum’s size and it isn’t mine.  I can’t start sliding down that slope.

So this morning I asked what people do.  Those people who diet. I should have seen it coming. I am no longer that super eater, super-metaboliser woman. My metabolism is now hand cranked, it aint super anymore.scales

I’ve downloaded myfitnesspal and started recording my eating habits and exercise.  I’ve only done one day and it’s been quite an eye opener.

The critical thing for me was to find a way to diet without my children knowing. I don’t want to talk about it, I don’t want to eat differently and I don’t want to suggest that I need to diet because of society constraints.

The truth is, I’m tired and unfit and my escalating weight is merely a symptom of all of that. I need to focus on what I’m putting in my body and get my act together.  If I can lose some weight and change my lifestyle I can take my foot off the pedal every so often and practice what I currently preach my daughter, everything in moderation.

Wish me luck.




Confidence Knock

For those of you that may not be aware, we have moved out of London and have followed our dream of moving to the country.

It’s been a bit of a scary journey for us two risk averse people but somehow we’ve managed to put one foot in front of the other and have made a decision that we would have normally just put off.  Now we are living the dream and it hasn’t disappointed.

The Monster has also taken the move in his stride (he’s 3, I doubt he’s actually realised we have moved) and Pickle was doing so well.

She started school last Wednesday and went in with a smile on her face.  She went in on Thursday with a slight lip quiver. By Friday morning we had full on tears and clinging.

On Saturday we headed off to try out a performing arts school she’d been keen to go to.  3 dance classes followed by 2 drama classes.  The drama classes she has never done before by all 3 dance classes are the same ones she did in London.

She was fine in Ballet, she sat off to the side in Tap and then refused to go into the Modern class, breaking down and sobbing when I tried to walk her in.  However, she thoroughly enjoyed the drama classes once she’d dried her eyes.

It’s a journey I’m familiar with and to be honest it’s the hardest part of parenting to deal with.  Irritating children who I end up losing my temper with, bored children, over exuberant children who won’t calm down, loud children – I can deal with.  Dealing with confidence issues is something I still haven’t got the knack for and I keep trying new ways each time.  Saturday was so exhausting, not least because it all happened again at the party we went to in the afternoon.

I usually leave it, the party she doesn’t enjoy being at, the tennis lesson that never got off the ground. I accept that I can’t make her do something, even though I know she’d enjoy it.

This performing arts school is different though.  The two classes she didn’t enjoy happen to be the two that she usually REALLY enjoys.  It could have been the fact she wasn’t wearing the right uniform, too many other children, a bossy girl telling her what to do, steps she’d never done before. New New New New.  We don’t like change.

So we’re back there on Saturday.  One foot in front of the other. Attempting to overcome the confidence knock.

Any tips?


Celebrities and their Pound of Flesh

What is it with privacy and celebrities and at what point were they fair game?

Apparently Jennifer Lawrence was “asking for it” when she took personal photos of herself, stored them on a private network and had them backed up by i-cloud* on her own PERSONAL space and someone hacked in and took them.

If she had printed them and placed them in her house and someone broke the lock on her front door to get them, they’d be done for breaking, entering and stealing.

Hopefully these perpetrators will be investigated but the general public seem to think that you hand over any right to your life the minute you appear on-screen or in a magazine and I’m, quite frankly, appalled at this.

I’ve long since given up on celebrity magazines.  It was hard at first, but now, I genuinely do not miss them. I did it for several reasons.  Primarily because I know actors and I think the current obsession with finding out every detail of their life is out of order.  Secondly, it’s started going into bullying territory.  Apparently in order to feel good about myself I have to be laugh at a famous person’s cellulite/post pregnancy tummy/botched boob job.

That’s a shit way to go about feeling good about yourself.

Yes, people who are famous for being famous court the paparazzi, leak their own material, but this is the minority,  the majority who act, sing or dance for a living actually just want a career.  They love what they do, they accept that people will be interested but there needs to be a line drawn somewhere.

Most people believe that once you become well known you should:

  •  Remove any real life photos pre and post fame from every location, virtual or real life. Anything other than dull family portraits.
  • Never allow these photographs to be taken either by them or other people
  • Don’t be seen drunk, with the wrong drink in your hand, with drugs, smoking ……..basically don’t go out because if you want to do what a lot of normal people do you will be photographed and filmed and you’ll have to answer questions as to why you did it. I mean, like any of us know why we do stuff, but as a celebrity I guess you should know. Everything should be deliberate, right?
  • Don’t have an opinion.
  • Don’t get too thin
  • Don’t get too fat
  • Don’t get too bulked up
  • Don’t get old
  • Don’t get too much cosmetic surgery – basically, get it absolutely right or else.
  • Don’t have too many children
  • Don’t have no children or divorce or get cheated on (Poor Jen)
  • Don’t marry too quickly but don’t wait too long
  • Don’t step outside, really.  You’re just asking for it.

And above all……….don’t do what normal people do because you don’t deserve it and we’ll find out and then trawl over every aspect of it.

You want to have a career in the entertainment industry?  Great.  Just sign on the dotted line that you will never have privacy again.

People in the entertainment industry should not be “fair game”.  Everyone deserves a private life.

I’m surely not alone in siding with the celebs?


*at the time of writing it was still unclear how the photos were obtained