Bobbi Brown Makeup Lesson

The appointment was at 2pm and I had a mild panic at 1.52pm when I was still in the Mint Velvet Changing room in John Lewis with my arms up in the air and a top stuck between my shoulders and my head (you know the look).  However I managed to make it out, pay for my purchases and leg it across to Bentalls arriving in time for my appointment. 

I presented myself  and told the rather keen girl my name and she ushered me to a chair to discuss my needs.  I said I wanted a full coverage makeup as I had tinted moisturiser for the summer, but like to have more on my face at this time of year and when I go out in the evening (oh ha ha ha).  I said I was happy to look at concealer and other makeup too but I was planning on just getting a foundation at the moment. Famous last words.

 The makeup lesson was very good.  Bobbi Brown technicians focus on using makeup brushes a lot and this is to ensure the makeup is applied evenly.  I tend to put makeup on with my fingers and I think it works ok  and provides a good even coverage, but I’m always willing to look at different ways.  My biggest concern with brushes is needing to clean it. I’m usually too rushed in the morning getting out the door before 7.15am or too tired in the evening to be adding a brush cleaning routine in there.  She suggested I keep a pack of wipes or tissues and give them a quick swipe and only bother washing them at the end of the week.  I’m not entirely sure that’s something I will get around to doing, but who knows.

 She started off by applying a very light coloured foundation. One that’s a lot lighter than I would normally use.  No bad thing, but I was slightly concerned I was going to look to pale.  No fear though, as she had lots of colour on standby to build up the colour over the top, which makes sense.  The foundation she chose for me was Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Foundation. “Infused with Shea Butter and Evening Primrose Oil, this does-it-all formula combines all the skin-nourishing benefits of Bobbi’s Extra Skincare with the skin tone-correct colour and buildable coverage of her foundations”.  I have to say, it goes on like a dream and really does sit very well on my skin.  My only criticism, was that it is a medium coverage foundation which wasn’t exactly what I asked for, but I’m very happy with how it looks and quite possibly it’s a product that was better suited to my (now) dry and slowly ageing skin, so I’m glad that was ignored.

 Next she used a “corrector” around my eye area to….well, correct the dark circles.  She did this after applying an eye cream around the socket area.  Next she used a concealor in a slightly darker colour to cover up the circles and any blemishes.  I’ve not used a concealer under my eyes for a very long time as I’ve been an avid fan of Touche Eclat.  Obviously this ISN’T a concealer and more of a highlighter, but applied correctly it can lighten the under eye area and give the illusion of coverage.  Having seen the work this technician did with the concealer I’m now converted and am using both these products under the eye.  Again, with my finger, but more on that later. 

She then brushed my face with Brightening Finishing Powder – Brightening Nudes which brought a bit of colour and illumination to my face.  At this point I was starting to look pleased.  She then showed me how I could add bronzer over my face to add more colour very subtly and demonstrated using a cream blusher.  I’ve always been a bit frightened of cream blushers, but she put it on with such confidence and I didn’t look like a clown.  She brought the whole product from the apples of my cheeks (smile broadly and the cheeks show where to put it) up the corner of my eyes.  She then took the foundation brush that still had a bit of foundation on it to blend the blusher in.

She finished off my makeup session by showing me how to apply their liquid eyeliner with a brush AFTER applying eyeshadow.  I’ve always done this the other way around.  The eyeliner was smudged slightly for a softer line and then reapplied which worked really well.  The eyeshadow used was Bone on the entire lid up to the eyebrow and then Long Wear Cream shadow in Heather.  Again, I’ve never used a cream shadow before but this looked really good.  Mascara, a bit more powder, some neutral gloss and a brow brush with a little brown brow powder and I was done.

It was a nice dressy “day” look which is sometimes where I struggle. I have a nighttime look of eyeliner, 3 eyeshadows (smoky) etc.. but in the day tend to just use foundation, concealer/touche eclat and some mascara.  To see how I could look “made up” without the being too made up was brilliant.

I promptly bought the foundation, corrector, concealer, heather cream shadow and highlighting powder.  I opted to not buy a brush especially as one of them was £30!!  During the makeup session, quite a few bristles fell out of various brushes which wasn’t terribly impressive and I thought I might look elsewhere to get similar brushes.  I’ve got a very old powder brush at home that I’ve had for centuries and is very reliable.  After going through my purchases again I advised the girl I didn’t want the bone shadow as I’m sure I had a similar colour at home, but when I did get home she had included it and charged me which was a little naughty.

On the plus side, she chucked in quite a few sample freebies. I got a mini mascara and a little pot of the eye cream to try as well as a few other minis. 

At about 6.30pm that night a girl from the Bobbi Brown counter rang to ask if I’d like to reschedule the appointment as I must have been so busy I’d forgotten to turn up.  It would appear my technician knew only too well I was someone elses appointment but had grabbed me without telling her.  Did somewhat sour the experience as I hate to think she cheated for her sales.  However, she had been very good and did make me look really lovely.  No mean feat.

Overall I would definitely recommend booking to have a makeup lesson.  Bobbi Brown has had a good reputation for excellent product and I really can’t fault it.  A trained makeup artist always told me to go there if I had the cash.  I’m really glad I stepped out of the makeup rut and took the plunge……even if it did cost me a pretty penny to do so.

What do you think of my makeup?

Bobbi Brown Makeup Lesson

Bobbi Brown Makeup Lesson

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