Looking Your Age – Long Hair

A couple of months before I turned 40 (in February of this year) I posed a question on my Facebook page about whether I should cut my hair.  The reason I asked is because of that age old question of whether to keep long hair as you get older and at what point you start to look like you’re trying to be young, when you very clearly aren’t.  The general consensus was that I shouldn’t.  I’m not so sure.

I have really enjoyed having long hair.  It helps me to feel womanly (when the rest of me didn’t) and I have to admit, it has helped me to feel younger than I look.  I’m not entirely sure the dilemma is about being older with long hair anymore. I think I’m just fed up with having long hair and feel like I need to make the change.  I probably also feel that as my face starts to look less “fresh” then a haircut and proper style is the way to lift it up and help me to hang on to my youthfulness.

This is me now.

It looks ok today, but that’s because today is hair washing day.  Yep, I have a special day just to wash it.  The issue isn’t actually the washing, the issue is the drying and styling and straightening of it.  It has to last a whole week really because I just don’t have a spare hour at any other point in the week to do it.  Somewhere around Thursday I do have to employ some dry shampoo and stick it back in a low pony tail.

I would be happy to wash it more than once a week if it was shorter.  I would also be prepared to use an extra 5-10 min to whip a straightener through it if I had to, but at the length it is currently, it would take me a lot longer to do and quite frankly I can’t be arsed.

I had a chat with our hairdresser a week ago.  She’s about to go on maternity leave and should be back around Christmas time, so we talked through some options.  She completely agreed with some of the styles I had in mind.  Bobish, layered, longer at the front, versatile.  I’m actually getting a little bit excited about it.

Here are some of my ideas.

I’m going to keep it just above the shoulder at the front and not too short at the back.  If I like it and I get some confidence about it then I might look to shorten it further.

The advantage, I think, of this style is that it will take me less time to dry.  It will be easier for me to manage although I think I will be spending more time styling it, but the upshot is that it will look nicer for longer in the week.

I’m planning to straighten it into a tidy bob most days, but if I do go out (ha ha ha ha….*hysterically laughs*) then I can curl it or make some bits stick out in a messy way and it will look different.

If it all goes horribly wrong and I hate it with a passion, then at least I’ll have tried it and can grow it out a bit and still have longish hair.  Anything has to be better than the awful thick and messy hair I now see reflected back at me on most days of the week (except for today, today it looks nice).

So what do you think?  Am I taking the idea of being 40 a bit too far?  Am I right to want to cut off my hair or should I hang onto the length for as long as possible?  Really interested to hear what others think.

PS: Whilst wrangling with the new photo gallery option on wordpress for this post I got so annoyed with everything I ended up tying up that lovely long hair.  Unfortunately something I do so very often because it’s actually a hindrance. One day it’s going to get caught in something and I’m going to be dragged into some sort of industrial mechanism to my death.  On that happy thought…………..look forward to reading some comments.  :)

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