The Awful Tooth

Dear Tooth,

I’m so sorry I’ve taken you for granted. Please stop hurting.

Love me X

I have had a throbbing, painful tooth for over 2 weeks now and finally plucked up the courage to book an appointment at my dentist.  Obviously I chose a dentist that was in London.  Travelling for 3 hours seemed the only logical option.  😉

I went to see my old dentist as I hadn’t had a chance to find one in my new area, or certainly not one that anybody could recommend.

The news wasn’t great.  The large, deep filling I have is infected and it looks like there is now new decay underneath the filling.  I was given two options.  Either have a go at root canal work with a crown on top or take the tooth out.  I’ve definitely heard of root canal and all the horrible stories associated with it, but I couldn’t contemplate having my tooth out.  It’s a really obvious tooth that you can see and is key to me being able to chew my food.

However, if the root canal doesn’t work, I have to have it out.

Cue panic.

I immediately took to twitter to “talk out” what that meant.  I’m 40 for goodness sake!  40 year olds don’t have dentures.

So I’ve had a few options thrown at me.  Bridges were mentioned.  Implants as well.  All costing an absolute bomb.

I’m not ready to start losing my teeth.  Tell me I’m not some sort of early ager.  Tell me I’m not going to be putting my teeth in a glass by the bed.

Tell me this is normal……….please?

teeth in a jar

6 thoughts on “The Awful Tooth

  1. sally

    I’m a terrible tooth worrier but here’s what I’d say:

    Root canals DO work in most cases. If it’s a complex case with a funny shape root or similar, ask to be referred to a specialist, perhaps another dentist in the same practice. A crown should last a decent number of years.

    If it doesn’t work then a bridge is a good alternative – it’s simply a false tooth that’s fixed to the ‘real’ tooth next to it, and should last for years and years and years – more than a crown, certainly. I lost a tooth in my 20s (popcorn incident followed by a bad crown) and had a bridge fitted, which is still there and doing fine.

    For bridges and crowns then a reasonable estimate is around £500 per tooth, but you may well pay more in London.

    1. Bella Post author

      Thanks Sally. That’s really helpful. I think she’s concerned its a problem tooth as the decay is below gum line but I do think it’s worth a bash. Thanks for explaining the bridge. Nice to know it works for you.

  2. Steph Canham

    Sorry to hear of your tooth traumas. Well my hubby and I are in our mid forties and he has just started a mammoth journey of having to have all his teeth removed and replaced by a combination of implants and dentures, but great dentures, not you old granny types that you keep in a glass! We searched for a long time and finally settled on the dentist off the Embarrassing Bodies programme, not to be on the show but because he has a great reputation. His whole family have the same problem and his teeth are all becoming very loose due to bone loss and although he has always had amazing dental hygiene there is nothing he can do to stop it. Its all being done in stages and he started his year long journey on Monday having his first lot of teeth out and the start of our financial struggle as its costing a bomb! We’re thinking of documenting his journey on my blog thinking it may help others in the same situation.
    I know its hard suddenly being faced with this situation and decision so I hope all goes well for you and I’ll stay tuned for your journey.

    Steph x

  3. Suzy Marie

    Oh goodness, there’s nothing worse than toothache. I’m so sorry you’re suffering! I don’t know if this is worth anything but a friend of mine said that the worst thing about root canals is just the amount of time it takes but that actual procedure isn’t that bad. Plus, if it’s a dentist you know well and you can tell them that you’re feeling concerned about it, they’re usually quite good at explaining exactly what will happen. A root canal could potentially sort the issue out indefinitely and you’d get to keep your tooth. I guess if your dentist thought it wasn’t salvageable at all then they’d have just opted straight for the extraction? Regardless, I hope you can get it sorted as painlessly as possible love! xx


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