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Why I Didn’t Blog

I’m sorry I’ve neglected youPoem

I didn’t plan it so

I’ve been so very busy

I haven’t had a mo


I keep having all these great ideas

Usually when I shower

But by the time I get downstairs

I’ve lost my blogging power


I tell myself I’ll remember it

and of course I never do

Even noting on my phone

it fails on its review


I am still getting ranty

As anyone would say

I just lose the ranty message

by the end of any day


So I’ve failed to log a blog post

I’ve failed to make you smile

I’ve failed to teach you something

It has been quite a while


So I promise I will do one

I’ll post something tonight

Oh look I’ve written something

I hope this is alright.



Liebster Award

I was recently tagged and nominated by @JoDC77 here for a Liebster Award.   This is a great honour as it means the nominator likes your blog and wants to tell their followers about you.  In good blogging network etiquette, I then should do the same and pass it on.

Liebster awardSo here are the answers to her questions and my nominations to pass it on.

1. What’s your daily motivation?

Being judged for being lazy.

2. Do you have a particular song that makes your day?

As I mentioned this week, anything on Radio One floats my boat.  I find it impossible to stay seated if “Reach for the Stars” plays and my all time favourite song is “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys.  Even weirder when you know I’m an athiest.

3. Name 5 items you always carry with you.

My phone.  Knickers.  Socks. Earrings.  Watch  :)

4. What was the best movie you’ve seen recently?

Silver Linings Playbook.

5. Full breakfast or breakfast on the go?

Full Breakfast EVERY TIME. The veggie option please.

6. What do you first notice on another person?


7. Do you agree less is more?

NO. I would have failed Maths if I had.

8. You can’t live without…

Air.  It’s essential.

9. First love is unforgettable but second love is lovelier. Do you agree?

I hope so. I can’t wait to meet him.

10. Last but not least, have you bought your Xmas gifts yet or at least made a list?

Oh yes.  Wrapped and under the tree. The list is in Excel if you want to see it.


And I’m tagging the following lovely bloggers who I enjoy reading but rarely comment.  I really need to sort that out.  All of them write thought provoking and/or funny blogs.





What’s in a Name or… Telling My Husband I Blog

So, what’s in a name?  Well a lot apparently!  Especially when you have the opportunity to change your name.

 I’m talking blog name of course. I’m planning on going self hosted shortly (paying for my page and getting a personal URL) and so I have this little window of opportunity to sneak in a name change if I so wish. I’m very tempted.

 You see, as well as taking this momentous decision to move to self hosted I decided to come clean to the hubby about my blogging.


It only took 18 months. To be honest, it’s a huge weight off my mind and he took it very well, partly because I was mumbling along trying to find the right words and mentioned something about the laptop and he thought I’d broken it, so to discover I hadn’t, made the impact of my secrecy seem very tame.  He didn’t ask that many questions but I did keep talking about it to make sure he understood what I was saying. He was cool about it. Didn’t seem overly concerned. Didn’t ask for my blog name.  A little later on in the day he didn’t admit to wondering what I blogged about, so I told him the content of the last 3 posts I had done. He was ok about it.  I guess time will tell.

 So, back to my name.  I spent an exceedingly long time picking the one I have now, which sound ridiculous.  I was trying to think of something I could abbreviate and use as my name as well when I was signing off, so Freefalling into 40 (FFF) sounded good. freefallingAs it turned out, I ended up signing off as “the 40 year old” so I’ve never used the shortened version. 

 The name sort of summed up how I felt though.  Like a runaway train, I couldn’t stop my 40’s from happening and it’s kind of a freeing up feeling, free falling.  It’s fun and scary and exhilariting.

 Now, do I want to change it? 

 I was thinking of switching it to just Freefallinginto  or just Freefalling and then doing something with the header to include “40” and then in time (if I should hang about blogging that long) I could change it to 50 or ……..god forbid 60!!! What would I be blogging then?  Information about pensions and bunions?

 Who am I kidding, I’m not far from those topics now!

 So, is that a good idea?

 Or should I COMPLETELY change my name?  Any suggestions welcome. I’ve come up with these rather limp options (none of which I’ve checked):

  •  Fortyandbeyond
  • Beyond40 or BeyondForty
  • Past it
  • AgeingFabulously
  • Runawayage
  • NoFearAfter40
  • FearingForty
  • MidlifeMusings

 Your help would be gratefully received.  Like my current name?  Or fancy one of the new ones?

Chelsea Tractors

I’ve been trying to find the right way to blog my grievances about massive 4 x 4s in London.  It is one of my biggest issues on the road but like a lot of people, I do have some friends and family that have them. I will comment on them when I’m asked but otherwise I bite my tongue.  I appreciate everyone has their reasons for buying a car, but I really can’t see the point. 

The biggest argument from hurt friends is  that there is more room.  I don’t get that at all.  Leg room and boot space are exactly the same in an estate car.  There is slightly more head space, but I don’t know anyone that stacks their shopping on top of each other to the ceiling. Might be useful on a camping trip to France, but then you can’t see out the back window anyway and how often is that needed?

The thing Chelsea Tractors say to me is “Look what I can afford”, “I can see for Miles and you can’t” “You can’t get past me” “My child is more important than 10 of your children”.

You see, unfortunately 4 x 4’s are more dangerous to pedestrians because of their height.  A pedestrian (including children) are more likely to be killed if hit by a 4×4 than with a normal sized car.  You can read about it here .

As well as that, normal car users are unable to anticipate traffic with a 4 x 4 in front of them.  I rarely let a 4 x 4 driver out in front of me, because it will mean I can no longer see the line of cars ahead of me or anticipate traffic issues.  This results in me driving in a stop start manner and I hate using my brake if I don’t have to.  This is especially true on motorways where you shouldn’t have to use yoru brake except in extreme cases.  Easing off the accelerator, overtaking, moving back into the left lane is how we should be driving.

Anyway… griveances aside I did read this excellent post from Trying My Patients which reignited my desire to blog about it.  Definitely worth a read.

Chelsea Tractors

“5 year old male hit by car, injuries unknown”
3:30pm. The school run. My money is on a careless driver not watching where they are going and a little kid has paid the price for it. We got about 100 yards from the location given and it clear that it was a school. There was queue of cars obviously stopped because of the incident who were blocking our path to the patient. I’d say at least 50% of said cars were Chelsea Tractors. For those unaware of the term here are some Urban Dictionary ones:

1) Chelsea Tractor 

Any expensive 4×4 that is driven in an urban environment as a status symbol (typically for the school run) and will never be driven off-road.
2) Chelsea Tractor 
An off-road car that never goes off-road

3) Chelsea tractor Noun, a large 4 wheel drive vehicle, driven in cities for ordinary, day to day purposes. eg, Land Rover, BMX X5, etc..

Typically, they are driven by mums for the school run…….because everyone needs a Land Rover Defender to drive half a mile to school to pick up their 1 child. Nothing winds me up more. It’s bad enough that they have them, but they can’t even drive them! Here we are, blue lights and sirens and they all panic! When faced with an ambulance there are some options available. 
a) Pull over to the left allowing us to pass on the wrong side of the road.
b) Keep going and pull into one of the spaces or the bus stop.
c) Stop diagonally across the entire road preventing any traffic from moving in any direction.
Yes. You guessed it. c) was by far the most appealing option! Though some did try b) but the parking sensors clearly weren’t up to scratch. Why have a car you can’t drive?! Thanks to one particular owner of a BMW X5 we had to abandon the ambulance and walk with all of the kit we could carry. I glared at the owner and received:
“What do you fuckin’ expect me to do?”
Nice, in front of her child too. That kid will have a mouth like a toilet by the age of 7! It’ll probably have its its own petrol guzzler too! 
Eventually we got to our patient. Shock horror, he’d been hit by a 4 x 4. Luckily it was low-speed and he had no injuries. The car had reversed and I quote:
“It’s not my fault, the reversing alarm didn’t go off, they shouldn’t have been crossing behind me.”

What about Meeeeeeee?

It’s been a bit of a stressful 12 hours in the 40 year olds house.  Valentines day/night wasn’t filled with a romantic meal or intimate whispers.  We seemed to have decided to row on valentines evening, about everything and nothing. A bit of a shame.  I blame the hubby – but then I would wouldn’t I?

I think one of the things I’m finding a little bit annoying is today’s “Me day”.  For those of you on twitter, you may be aware that for my birthday present this year my husband rather cleverly chose a selection of gifts that were designed to be used on one day (today) to give me a bit of “me” time.

picture courtesy of kmmccabe

picture courtesy of kmmccabe

I have a Clarins voucher booked for 11am today.  I have a Next and a H&M voucher to spend. I was given a book I wanted and a Red Magazine (subscription to follow) and the whole day to do with as I pleased………… lovely.

There is a catch. Of course there is a catch, there always is.  Last week hubby casually mentioned that he had a conference call at 4pm. “You’ll be back by 4 though, won’t you?”  Ummm, so now I have a deadline.  Ideally I would need to leave at 3 then, because that’s the school run time and I’ll be a bit slower.  So not a whole day then.  I wasn’t best pleased, but then he got stressed.  It’s a call related to a big job that is worth a lot of money and he’s stressed about it as it is.  After a mini debate I said it shouldn’t be a problem. It’s not ideal though.

I get home last night and he tells me he’s now got a casting at midday in London.  No panic, he’s found a mate who’s going to babysit The Monster whilst he’s in the casting. However, I could help by taking Pickle to school.  There goes the lie in.  So sandwiched somewhere in this day is some time for me.  I shouldn’t complain.  It’s hardly the hubby’s fault. He has a very unpredictable job (acting) and both the real acting work, the stuff he loves, is VERY unpredictable, the corporate acting work, which helps pay the bills, can be equally restrictive.  However, where does that leave me?

Hubby gets to go out in the evenings a lot. I’m happy for him to do so. He has lots of pockets of friends and he enjoys socialising. I don’t quite as much, so I’m happy at home with the tv and twitter.  He goes on lots of boys trips, because he’s proactive and so are his friends and they enjoy getting away.  The girls just don’t do this. We suffer guilt for leaving children behind and we’re too busy just trying to get through our working day to be able to focus on arranging something. We are our own worst enemies.

About 6 months ago, when I really got into the blogging (albeit still secretly) I asked for some time on a Sunday morning to surf the internet and do “my stuff”. No problem, said hubs. However, something always gets in the way.  A weekend away, visitors, a kids party. I used to kick up a fuss. I’ve given up now. I snatch moments when I can.  Hardly luxurious.  He gets to have time upstairs “working”.  Caught in the act watching a you tube video of an off the wall comedy show, isn’t really being caught in the act when you’re an actor and you are looked after by a comedy agency….it’s part of his job, being in the know.  Sounds rather nice though doesn’t it.  Obviously he’s often learning scripts, doing invoices, but I’d rather enjoy it.

Today, I’ve had to put in a quick wash. Friday is grown up washing day. It’s not going to magically do itself and we have visitors on Sunday, so today and tomorrow and the only days I have to do the whole family’s washing.  It’ll be more stressful not doing it.

So, “me time”? Pah!  I will enjoy my day today and try not to be panicked by my looming departure deadline.  Must make the most of it.  It’ll probably be my last opportunity for a long time.