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Debenham’s Dream Bedroom Competition

We have now lived in our house for 4 and a half years and inevitably the only room not to have been decorated was ours.  I couldn’t justify the cost and I guess in the grand scheme of things only Hubby and I saw it and it therefore wasn’t as high a priority as our living space downstairs or my daughter’s bedroom (parents often come up to retrieve their children from there!)

So we’ve put it off and put it off but I have had a few ideas.  Next week we are FINALLY getting some carpet fitted over the 2 different toned laminate that the previous owner had put down for her asthmatic condition.  Maybe then I can start to envisage the room of my dreams.

Regular blog readers will know that I don’t do sponsored posts, reviews or competitions, but I’m hoping you’ll excuse this competition on the grounds that it is research. RESEARCH PEOPLE! and I’m actually amazed that despite a £5000 budget to play around with, I did this so cheaply!  It really is my dream bedroom.  Lots of grey/silver hues with black accents and adding a zing of colour.  The description on the yellow items were marked as “green”. Maybe because I’m colour blind or perhaps because they are borderline, I just love them. Perfect to create that 60’s colour scheme that I’m so craving at the moment. I’d probably pop one of my mum’s Ercol dining chairs in there too.

The nickel bed? Well, I’ve always wanted one and I tried the design with a more boxier bed and quite frankly, I didn’t like it. This lends a delicate edge to the bedroom, making it less masculine.

So, what do you think?  Do you like it?

Debenham's Dream Bedroom Competition


  • Antique nickel ‘Isabelle’ bed frame £468
  • Slate ‘Savoy’ snuggler chair with dark feet  £352
  • Cotton ‘Whitworth’ One-Drawer Bedside Chest £275
  • Cotton ‘Whitworth’ Five-Drawer Tall Chest £378
  • Green textured throw £40
  • Green large textured Leaf Cushion x 2  £32
  • Grey textured striped faux fur throw £68
  • Betty Jackson Clear and black glass bowl £48
  • Designer black French bulldog cushion £22
  • Black and white newspaper printed dog lamp £45

Total: £1728