Half Hour Ballet Class

Half hour ballet class – by The40yearold


She wanted to pirouette

She wanted to prance

She had dreams of the stage

She was desperate to dance


So at the age of just three

I signed her up right away

To a reputable dance school

On a free Saturday.


So she pranced and she danced

And she learnt all the moves

She declared that she loved it

We had nothing to lose


“We suggest she tries tap”

The instructor advised

She’ll love it, it’s great fun

It’s a challenge, she’ll rise!


So I hand my cash over

Bought all the gear

Now the class lasted longer

It was all very clear


“She will be in our show

She’ll need extra classes”

So I hand over more cash

And time quickly passes


Now she does modern

And drama and song

Our Saturdays sink and

And never last long


There are concerts and shows

And exams and the like

I’m sewing and fixing

All jobs I dislike


It’s engulfed our whole life

Our weekends are lost

And that’s completely ignoring

The buregouning cost


It’s out of control

And it happened so fast

Just four years on from

That Half hour class

Ballet girls

7 thoughts on “Half Hour Ballet Class

    1. Bella Post author

      We’ve now been asked if she’d do group lessons on a Friday night to attend 2 festivals a year. Seems too big a sacrifice for me. :(

  1. Suzy Marie

    Oh my goodness, my parents must have spent an absolutely fortune on my dancing as a youngie. I started when I was about 4 and finished at 15 with plenty of shows, classes, rehearsals and costumes during that time! I loved it though so hopefully your little one does too! :)

  2. suzanne3childrenandit

    What a fabulous poem but I totally understand your sentiment at the end – why do hobbies have to completely eat away at your entire weekend? Ours aren’t dance but horse riding, music, sport, scouts etc etc. Exhausting!


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