Life Lessons for my Children

I have been tagged by Abstract Lucas in this meme to list 5 lessons (#big5meme) to pass on to my children.  So after a large amount of thought I have come up with the following:

Don’t put your willy in your breakfast cereal

Fairly self-explanatory, this one.  As with all the lessons I teach you, it is usually after the event.

Don’t lock your brother in the chicken coop

oh how we laughed – after freeing him, sobbing, from the dark confines of a coop that he technically shouldn’t have been able to fit in.

Please wipe your bottom

I love that we have got to a stage where you use the toilet all by yourself, but at aged 4, now is not the time to decide which bits you do and which bits you can ignore.  That goes for washing your hands too.

You only ever write on paper

Not the walls, not your face, not your sister.

You are not Still Hungry

You’re bored.  You’ve eaten half the house….you are NOT hungry.

Only kidding………clearly these aren’t life lessons.  They are, none the less, lessons I’ve had to teach.

Here are my REAL 5 Life Lessons.

Look for a job you love

Ask people about who you are. Spend time thinking about what kind of person you are and then work out what you love doing, what you are good at and what you think you will enjoy doing 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 12 months of the year.  Feel free to change your mind too.  You only get one life and most of it is spent working so make sure you love doing it.

Be Kind

You lose nothing from being kind.  You can still be wary. You don’t have to dive in and save people left right and centre, but you can always be kind.  You don’t know other people’s journeys, their home life, their situation.  Your default should always be kind until more information is available.

Love is Love

Be open-minded and don’t be afraid to say so to those that aren’t.  Love comes in many forms and doesn’t involve just a man and a woman.  Other people’s choices have no impact on you.  Being in love is a wonderful thing.

Persevere for a limited time

Don’t give up too easily, but recognise when you have given something your all and it’s time to walk away.  Trying is half the battle, but sometimes we just aren’t designed to be experts at everything.  Remind yourself of what you ARE good at.

Be Thankful

If you have a home over your head, food and friends you have everything you need.  Stop comparing yourself to other people and ask yourself if you are happy.  There is always someone worse off than you.  If you want to change things, only you have the power to do so, but recognise what you have first.

I’m not tagging anyone, but anyone reading this……please take up the mantle.


2 thoughts on “Life Lessons for my Children

  1. Nickie

    This is great – both sets of life lessons are important, ESPECIALLY the willy-in-cereal one. I shall pass that one on to my husband and my boys (they are 47, 21 and 15)

  2. Suzy Marie

    Being kind is super important and such a good life lesson. If only everybody could take that on board a little bit then the world would be a better place! I also agree with finding a job you love doing, nothing worse than spending a huge portion of your life doing something you hate.


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