New Age Parenting Can Do One

I consider myself very open-minded, I do understand that something I don’t “get” isn’t necessarily wrong, it’s just not for me.

In that vein I’ve tried to be very open about different parenting methods too.  The bottom line is that if your child is happy and you are happy then you must be doing something right.  I read any new article on a new parenting method, considering the pros and cons.  Unfortunately quite a few find a way to boost themselves up by putting other methods down which is a shame.  Like those of us who went with what we thought was right at the time, are now very bad parents.  *Sigh*.  One more thing to add to the guilt list huh?

Anyway….that’s bye the bye.

What really really really pisses me off about the new wave of parenting is that YOUR parenting methods now affect MY enjoyment when I’m out in public.  THIS IS NOT ON!

I love that you have embraced the whole “no step”, “no smacking”, “no punishment” level of parenting.  Woo hoo.  Mother and Father of the year winging its way to you.  I bet you pat yourself on the back every night at your kinder, more loving approach.  What you haven’t considered is how the whole “positive reinforcement only” approach causes a problem in the many many years of application whilst your child is sat in a cinema, theatre, restaurant or any manner of places that I am also sat in.  Ignoring bad behaviour, antisocial behaviour or being very half-hearted about trying to get your children to behave does nothing for me.  In the meantime they have ruined a meal out with friends and family, ruined an expensive cinema trip and most importantly for me, marred an evening out to watch my daughter on stage.

2 hours of kicking the back of my chair. <insert half hearted mother saying “stop doing that”> with a nice overlap of them leaning right into my ear and talking loudly over the top of the music for over an hour.

I’m so cross.

I don’t mind a bit of naughtiness, but I expect a parent or guardian to step in within a few minutes and consider the people around that child.

I tried. I tried so very hard to ignore it.  I did lots of internal chat about children being children and to focus on the stage.  I thankfully didn’t turn around and have a right go, but I was so cross about it.  Unforgivable that your precious child should have the right to ruin a special trip out.   Bearing in mind your delightful daughters were of school age and my 4-year-old son was sat in front doing none of that.  He was a bit wiggly and he had a dance and played with his toy. I may have been drip feeding him sweets……but he is 4.

It wasn’t just tonight. I’m seeing it more and more where you’re reaping the benefits of your parenting methods at MY cost.

Keep with your positive parenting methods but if your child is incapable of being in public without ruining other people’s experiences then don’t take them there. It isn’t fair.

It’s just not fair.




4 thoughts on “New Age Parenting Can Do One

  1. Hannah

    God I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s just bad manners by the parents plain and simple. I get The Rage! I tell the children off who are doing it myself to shame the parents. They then tell their parents what I have said to them and point at me and I just stare back willing them to come and have a go cos I am bang up for telling them what I think. But they never do because those sorts of parents are too limp for that as well as disciplining their own children. Vent.

  2. Sarah MumofThree World

    Totally feeling your pain there. I know exactly how I would feel in your position (being in proud possession of a daughter who sometimes does stuff on stage). I was thinking the other day I must be getting old and grumpy as I’m getting less tolerant of kids behaving badly when I’m out, but maybe it’s all down to this new style of parenting! I’ve always been aware that if my kids misbehave while we’re out, they need to be told off (without causing a big scene) as they’re being unfair to other people. The kids themselves need to be made aware of that too from an early age.

    1. Bella Post author

      Completely. Half of it is acknowledgement by parents but I’m pretty tolerant. I know that kids will be kids but I have my limits.


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