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Sex, Infertility and the (slightly) older woman

One of the big advantages to blogging anonymously is being able to tackle the sorts of things I just wouldn’t do if my name was in the title and my mates were following my blog. So I’m going to tackle something that I find very difficult to talk about……….sex. Specifically my own.

The Irish one (my husband) and I had a pretty good sex life when we met each other in our mid 20’s. In fact, really good. Not a 6 in one night kind of sex life, but a frequently and very satisfying sex life that I had no reason to ever complain about.

We married in our early 30’s and waited a year before trying for a baby. And try we did. In fact we tried so hard to have a baby that the whole thing became a bit of a chore. You may have heard this sort of thing before. My advice to anyone trying for a baby is to hold off charting or using ovulation kits until as long as possible. As soon as you begin using it them, that’s it….things will never be the same again.

I don’t regret our regimental approach really, because I think we realised we were going to have issues within 2 years but it had a huge impact on our sex life. Lots of arguments and lots of having to have sex when really neither one of us was in the mood. A bit of a disaster really.

4 years, 5 IUI’s later and then our first IVF and we were finally pregnant. We had 9 months off sex. It was a relief. No more needing to do it and we both wanted the break. By the time I was 12 weeks pregnant I then didn’t want to risk going into early labour (I don’t believe this is a scientific inevitability, but I’d waited so long I probably enforced a lot of ridiculous rules on myself). I waited until I was a few weeks off my due date and we started again. It felt fun, I didn’t have to suck my tummy in or wear a vest (I have very small boobs) and I didn’t care if I went into labour early. All was good.

Trying for our 2nd meant we kept up the momentum. Less pressure because we had our daughter and after 3 years I successfully got pregnant naturally with my son.

So here I am, with a nearly 5 year old and an 18 month old and the likelihood that I won’t have any more children. I’m 40 and sex is very very very low on my agenda of things to do. It’s definitely below sleeping, it’s below finishing off my Millennium Trilogy and sadly it’s even below blogging. I’d rather get this post done in silence on a Sunday morning than have sex!

I read on twitter from women who seem to have sex with their husbands a lot. I’m often reassured when I read that they are still in their 20’s or they’re in the throes of early marriage (maybe their second). I still do find some out there, the same age as me rampantly enjoying a healthy sex life. I feel deflated, but it still doesn’t prompt me to rush off for 5 minutes of sexual abandonment.

I know almost every relationship guru or counsellor will tell you that sex is an important part of a successful relationship. I don’t doubt it and I worry about it for about 3 minutes and move on. I should be more worried really, but I can’t. There are several reasons why we don’t do it that often.

1. We’ve got out of the habit
2. We are tired! Early 40’s with 2 young children will do that to you.
3. When we aren’t tired (morning, midday) we have 2 young children. Logistically impossible.
4. We both have the libido of Pandas. Helpful we are both on the same page, but it means neither one of us is pushing the issue.
5. We both have quite low self esteems about our bodies and abilities in the bedroom. The slightest wrong word/sentence can affect us for weeks.
6. Infertility. We now have a choice. I choose to sleep.

So here I am. It’s been 4 months since we last had sex and I’m hoping one of us gets in the mood soon. I have purchased THE BOOK recently so I’m hoping a bit of racy literature will fire things up. In the meantime I will seek solace in the fact that many 40 somethings with young children will be in the same boat and that this boat will eventually reach it’s destination when our household becomes a little calmer and we start focussing on us again. Until that time I will see if Mr Grey brings some va va voom into my sex life. It’s worth a shot!

Time is the enemy – Finding time for me and arguing with the husband


On a day when we lose a precious hour it did seem rather appropriate to do a blog on finding the time to do stuff for ourselves. To be honest, it’s partially because I’ve had a rough week with an ill child, constantly after my attention and a husband who is usually around during the week, but wasn’t this week. It’s also partially down to an argument I’ve just had with my husband over the old favourite – who’s working the hardest/doing the most/the tiredest (is that a word?).

I got really angry about it, because to be frank it’s been a week since I last blogged and I keep having great ideas and not having a moment to write about it. I haven’t complained about it (I don’t think) and I’ve just accepted that this is how this week has panned out. I got on with it I’m the hope that I could snatch a few hours on the weekend. Inevitably all my ideas failed me when I did grab 10 mins, so I tidied the garden and did the washing instead. So now I’m here, on a Sunday having “had words” with a husband who has snuck upstairs to do some work and isn’t having to supervise colouring in a princess magazine whilst desperately trying to produce a blog post.

I’m not sure when the “me” time improves or whether it ever does. I’ve got a 4 yr old and a 15mth old and I’m thinking I might get more time when they are heading into their teens. Its not as if I’m asking for weekend spas (although that would be nice), day long shopping sprees, trips to the cinema or even a coffee with friends without trouser tugging. I’m asking for 20 friggin minutes to write something.

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve batted back every question from the 4 yr old ballerina and managed to write something. Well done me. I’m now off to play barbie dolls, sort out clothes and tidy a bathroom that quite frankly should have been done 3 weeks ago. Enjoy your Sunday folks. :)