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40 + 1 + 1

Oh ok, I’m 42.


Yep, I’m well and truly free falling now, if I squint I can just about see the bottom.

I’m finding that turning 42 is much much more enjoyable than turning 41.  Turning 41 was not good.  A year after the  buzz of the big milestone and my decision to work on my birthday (I always have) and getting a few annoying emails from work colleagues on the day, I ended up really quite down in the dumps last year.  So this year I’ve decided to take the day off.

I may or may not do the school run (it’s ok, I’m not advocating truancy, Hubby is here so he can do it) and then I’m heading off to Kingston for a spot of shopping, a languish in a coffee shop and then meeting up with hubby for a nice lunch.  I’m hoping to make it back in time for the school run (a novelty for me) and then we will all go out for dinner as a family.

I’m rather looking forward to it.

Happy Birthday to me!