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I’ve been lying….

to everyone.

I’ve been lying to my husband about what I do on the computer when he gives me a couple of hours on a Sunday. He thinks I’m researching furniture. I’d say he was incredibly gullible, but I actually have a sneaking suspicion he knows I’m blogging. He uses my iPad and my blog is probably on the history. He’s not letting on, so basically, I’m lying to him.

I’ve been lying to some people on my anonymous twitter account. Some of them I was following (and followed back) on my “real me” twitter account and when I started my anonymous account I didn’t want to stop following on there as well. So quite a few of you are having two conversations with me. Probably about 20 of you. I feel bad, but the big advantage is that I get to read your tweets on one, where I may have missed on the other. However I do feel like I’m lying to you. On my “real me” twitter account I put up pics of me and the kids. I say stuff I’m comfortable with friends and hubby to read. On the anonymous account I get to say stuff I reeeeallly want to say. The stuff my husband would pull me up on and I quite like that.

I’m also lying to friends and family. “Did you do anything nice this weekend?” “Oh, you know a bit of gardening, playing with kids, sorting out school stuff”. It’s not what I say that is the lie, it’s what I don’t say. I’d like to say “Yeah had a great weekend with the kids, had a really funny chat with someone on Twitter about drinking port and then blogged about having a hairy va ja ja”. Hmmm, I don’t think I can be honest can I?

I’m going to have a serious think about all this lying. I’m not suddenly going to stop being anonymous as it gives me a certain amount of freedom which, at the moment, I’m enjoying. However, I may be unfollowing a few people on my “real me” account because I can’t be having two different sets of conversations on 2 accounts with the same people. I feel terrible. I’m actually really enjoying chatting on “the 40 year old” account and love reading all the people I follow so I will be spending more time on that account anyway.

As for my husband and friends……………I think I have to keep on lying. I really don’t want to have my cover blown yet.

What do you think? A good idea? Do you wish you were anonymous and do you get followed by lots of friends and family that make tweeting and blogging tricky?