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The other C word

I recently wrote a post about Age and the C word, but I’m talking about a different C word.  A much nicer one (although it still stresses some people out)…. yup it’s Christmas.

Whoaaa………hang on, don’t go. I’m not writing from a super woman, look at me, look how organised I am, check out the meal I’ll be cooking, presents are wrapped kind of angle.  Nor am I forcing anyone to step into Christmas territory too early for your own liking.  I’m just telling you how it is for me and the challenges I face at this time of year because I’d really rather not be doing it.

Frankly I could have written this post in April.  It saddens me to say it, but I honestly have no choice but to start planning that early because of the following:

  • Christmas Eve – The Monster’s birthday
  • Christmas Day – everyone in vicinity celebrates
  • Mid January – Pickle’s Birthday
  • Beginning Feb – My birthday
  • Beginning March – Hubby’s birthday.

Then WE ARE DONE. That’s it.  All celebrations, meals, parties, presents are planned at the same time and are over in those 3.5 months and all gifts have to last the whole year.

We aren’t massive earners. We have a big house and we live in a London Borough so our outgoings are pretty mammoth.  I have no choice but to be planning for December and January (the kids) at the beginning of the year because there is just no way I would be able to afford to buy everything in December.

I have just argued with my husband because I’m asking for his help on kids presents. I need him to think of gifts too. We are buying two sets of gifts for each child, so that’s a lot of presents to think up.  Even thinking of 1 main gift and maybe 5 little gifts means I need to find 24 presents for them.  He started by saying “Well I haven’t been thinking about Christmas, but I’ll start thinking about it now”.  I shouldn’t have to ask, he knows we have to do it.  He agreed but then he started a conversation with “Look, you’re really organised and I’m not. I do things last-minute…”  This really wound me up, because whilst I am a fairly organised person generally, I’m not doing it to be some sort of annoying organised super woman. I have no choice.

Quite clearly I’ve written this post to get it off my chest.  Quite clearly I’ve also written about it because the second I mention to someone I’ve started buying presents they launch into some sort of “oh you’re so organised, I couldn’t be bothered until at least December” conversation with me, which means I then feel I have to justify it.  Be so much easier if I only did it because I wanted to and I could just sit in my own smugness thinking others were stark raving mad.  However, I’m honest and inevitably have to tell them everything I’ve just told you….

Hopefully now I’ve got it off my chest, I may just keep it to myself.  I think I’ll just give the impression I buy it all on the 24th of December to fit in.

So are you organised?  Last minute? Or like me, do you have other challenges that mean you have no choice?