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Finishing the Job at Hand

In the big scheme of things I appreciate people will say I’m lucky.

I have a husband who cooks, shops and does his fair share of child care.  We both work part-time hours. He may work 2-3 days a week out of the house and spend more time planning and invoicing at home and I work 30 hours a week.  As far as I’m concerned we both own and live in our house and we both made the decision to have children so housework and childcare should be equal.

I think it is, it’s just the little things that now annoy me.

Like the failure to clean  a pan first time.

The fact he claims that greasy tupperware need to keep being washed each day for 3 days to finally clean them. (no, clean it 3 times better just the once)

The emptying of the bin but the failure to put a new liner in it

The shopping left on a counter especially the toilet roll, left for days on the kitchen floor.

The breakfast bowl that isn’t swilled clean and requires a chisel and hammer 7 hours later to clean it.

The latter I’ve decided to just keep leaving until he finally does the washing up himself.

I’ve always started doing this with the bin – piling up rubbish next to it.


Might seem picky, but if I keep finishing these jobs, he’ll never learn.  😉


Coping with Family doing your Childcare

My husband looks after our children 2 days a week and does a sterling job at it.  However, sometimes he is offered work on those 2 days and it’s difficult to turn it down, because the money is very good.

On those occasions I get the first refusal to book time off work and look after the children, but there’s enough of them to properly eat in to my 20 days a year, so it often doesn’t make sense.  It especially doesn’t make sense because we have my mother in law just over an hour away who is very happy to come up the night before and sleep over and spend time with her grandchildren.

The trouble is, she’s getting on a bit and she doesn’t like following any restrictions we might give.

When Pickle was small, she completely ignored the routine and then would regale us with stories of her being awake at bedtime (because of a nap that went on too long), or being grumpy at lunchtime (because she didn’t nap when she should have).  It used to infuriate me, but the alternative of not having someone to take her for a weekend away was enough for me to bite my tongue. She was safe after all, wasn’t she?

We’ve had a few minor incidents over the years. Bumps and bangs, a fall down the stairs. I am always slightly taken aback it that it seems to happen with her, but not when we are looking after them.

Then there was the fringe cutting incident.

However, tonight she informed both hubby and I of a very delightful story whereby she falls asleep on the sofa WHILST SUPPOSEDLY LOOKING AFTER MY 3 YEAR OLD (who, she tells us, was also asleep) and waking up at 2.45pm.  She then scrambles to get both of them out the house and in the car and then parked a few streets near the school and tried to dash in to get Pickle.  Although 2.45 doesn’t sound right to me, because when she got there, Pickle was the only child left, standing next to her teacher.  As Pickle comes out at 3.05, she had a full 20 minutes to make it in time.  I think she slept later.

Pickle wasn’t upset. I asked her this evening in the shower and she told me that someone always picks her up.  That’s reassuring she believes that.

Mother in law wasn’t upset either.

Neither was my hubby.

I bloody well was.

I am livid!