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Merry Christmas

I did have a couple of posts lined up for today and next Friday, but I’m getting the distinct impression from other bloggers that readership is generally down in the lead up to Christmas as everyone is busy with preparations, Christmas parties or just too tired to find the time to read.  So I thought I’d wait until after Christmas before I blogged again.

photo courtesy of 94 sugars .co.uk

photo courtesy of 94 sugars .co.uk

This has been a very exciting year for me so far (still a few weeks to go).  I became a blogger, gained a readership (you lovely people), met other bloggers through my blog or via twitter, met some amazing, funny, entertaining people via twitter and learnt some amazing things through knowing you all.



I would like to wish you all a very very Merry Christmas and hope you will join me after Christmas for some more tales and opinions from the 40 year old (soon to be 41 year old…..arghhhh).

XXX Bella