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I Had a Bad Day

I had a bad day

I’m usually quite an upbeat kind of person but yesterday I was in quite a bad mood.  The kind of bad mood that usually ended in arguments and could have resulted in a bit of a falling out on Twitter. Thankfully, one of the advantages of being 40+ years old is I can usually see the warning signs, have a moment as my hand hovers over a keyboard and know when my mood has beaten me.

It’s not me…..it’s just my head.

I spent the weekend with the nastiest cold virus I’ve had in a long while. (Note: I’ve not said flu. Regular readers know how I feel about people claiming that whilst they tap tap tap on their Facebook account).

I was determined not to stay the whole weekend in bed, instead I got hubby to do the ballet run and I paced myself during the day by doing jobs in the house and sitting down again for 20 minutes.

I’d spent Saturday night googling houses in Hampshire in our price range.  It was a bit depressing. I convinced myself that we’d never get what we want for the money we have.  So I woke up still feeling a bit sad about that.

Hubby got up on Sunday morning in an immediate bad mood.  He hasn’t been enjoying the children recently (The Monster is especially taxing, but Pickle is very teary) and he was bracing himself for another day of bad behaviour, tears, arguments and general “raising children” horribleness.  His mood thickened the air.  I sunk lower.

The Monster is refusing to toilet train.  Absolutely refusing.  If he’s not in control, it aint happening.  Pants, pull ups, stickers, chocolates, dinosaurs (an actual WHOLE dinosaur for doing a poo and he won’t do it), Ipad on the toilet, potty in front of the TV, Competitiveness with the rest of the family, coaxing, kindness, talking, shouting, reference to still being a baby….NONE of it worked.

In my mood, I sunk lower still and then moaned on twitter, got a lot of helpful advice that I then got annoyed at (it’s me, not you) and decided to stay off for the rest of the day.


  •  Children
  • Toilet training
  • Cold Virus
  • Hubby mood
  • Big move reservations

They all conspired against me on Sunday.

I’m a big girl though.  I can see how it all panned out and it wasn’t anyone’s fault but my own.

  • I’m assuming the children are just going through a phase.  We’ve upped the use of the step for the The Monster, especially if he’s rude to us.
  • I’m leaving the toilet training now. I’m thinking I shouldn’t mention it. He’ll probably just use the toilet one day without any prompting. It needs to be his decision.
  • The Cold Virus is already on the way out.
  • I have no control over Hubby’s mood.  I have control over how I react to it though.  *Deep breaths”.
  • I need to stop googling the houses in Hampshire. Get our house valued this week.  Take it from there. Stop panicking.

I guess there are some advantages to being 40.  At least I can see that it’s not me…..it’s my head.

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