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The Difficult Conversations I have to have today


I’ve got quite a few difficult conversations to have today.

I have to ring 2 estate agents and tell them that we aren’t going to be using them.  No big deal any other time but I know how desperate they all are for properties at the moment.

One of them is a local estate agent who sold our last house and sold us this house.  He also supports our local school, so I feel a bit sad I’m letting him down.  However, the agent we are going for has 2 other offices in neighbouring suburbs and I think that is a better option for us. You can read about our visit by the estate agents here.

The third difficult conversation is with the after school club my daughter goes to.  I’ve not been very happy with them for some time, but I thought it was easier just to keep Pickle there rather than disrupt things and move her.  However she had started asking if she could move to another after school club because one of her school friends go there and under the circumstances I can’t see why not.

You can read about the latest incident with the after school club here.

So today I have to ring her and tell her that as of tomorrow she’s going to the new club and that it’s nothing to do with the incident, but more to do with Pickle just wanting to play with another child.

I feel a bit bad about it, but I shouldn’t be.  Nobody likes having difficult conversations do they?

Anybody got any tips on softening the blow?



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