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Peaches Geldof and Passing Judgement

I’m sorry. I can’t let this slide.  I’m finding it really upsetting.

I tend to follow the motto : “Walk a mile in their shoes before passing comment” and this applies to the sad news today that Peaches Geldof died as a result of a heroin overdose.


This news has not been confirmed on the BBC but has appeared online via Sky, The Guardian and the Independent.

It is a shock, but if I’m brutally honest, it is not the most surprising bit of information I’ve ever heard.

So first I get a comment on Facebook from someone telling me that she is incredibly selfish for leaving her boys without a mother and then find out loads of people are slagging her off on social media for claiming to be a good mother when she was actually a drug addict and “how could she put drugs before her children”.

I’m sorry…………please refer back to my motto.

You were raised the way YOU were raised, YOU had whatever opportunities you have, YOU made the decisions YOU had offered to you and you inherited some of the characteristics, personality and quirks of YOUR family.

It is highly unlikely that you were raised in a bohemian household with parents who partied, took drugs, were away a lot, had A LOT of money.

You probably didn’t experience the loss of your mother at a young age in the glare of the public eye, from a drug overdose.

You probably didn’t grow up very fast, mingle with the socially elite and wealthy and have access to almost anything you ever wanted

But even if you had, maybe you were lucky not to have inherited a set of genes or pre-determined impulses that perhaps tripped you up, despite every attempt you made to overcome them.

It is unlikely we will ever know if Peaches was a regular user of heroin, whether she was depressed and had a moment where she wanted to blot things out or whether she did what she did deliberately as some sort of need to either end her own suffering or that of her young children (I know it doesn’t make sense…..people who kill themselves rarely do, but it makes sense to them).

The important thing to focus on here is that a cycle has NOT been broken and as a result 2 young boys are now going to go through life without a mother.  I have no doubt she was a good mother, she was kind and that she loved them.  There are many sorts of good mothers.

This is sad. It is a tragedy.  Please stop saying what YOU would do.  You have no idea.