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The Working Mum

Today at work I was informed that I would no longer be entitled to a car parking space. I fought for one 2 years ago after a knee condition was making my journey to work on public transport too difficult. I then went on maternity leave and had to fight again to get another space. it’s worked well on the 2 days I have to drop off and pick up my 2 children too.

If I have to go back to public transport it means a walk, a trip on a crowded bus, a train ride and a walk. On nursery days it’s even trickier and a lot tighter to get to the nursery before 6pm. As part of my condition I also suffer from fatigue so the worry and stress, extra walking and dashing about is not going to bode well for me.

I really don’t know what to do. Fight again and annoy everyone by banging on about my needs, move the kids to a nursery that will enable me to walk them home after I get off the bus and train or find another job. Really at a loss to know what to do.

Being a working parent is such a juggling act and no easy feat. If I could be a SAHM I would but we really can’t afford it. Every time things start working out for us, life throws us a curve ball.