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Valentine’s Day – why I don’t celebrate it

I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day and it’s not because I don’t believe in romance.  I do.  Provided it is for me and not something I have to physically do for someone else.

(That’s a joke)

The reason I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day is because I can’t quite get my head around the idea that we have just ONE day to be nice to our other half?

I just think it’s a day created by lazy men and women who don’t want to have to do anything romantic any other day of the year.


On top of that, it’s now commercialised so much that everyone feels that they HAVE TO do something on Valentine’s day and in order to get a table at a nice restaurant they have to book two months in advance because everyone else is feeling like they HAVE TO do something.

So while everyone is feeling particularly obliged to do SOMETHING the people who are not in relationships, some sad about it, some not, get to feel inadequate because everyone else is DOING SOMETHING and they aren’t because they haven’t jumped on the band wagon of social acceptance and got themselves into a relationship at any cost.

I think that’s a bit mean.

Whilst on the subject, you could argue the same for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.   I don’t mind skipping it.  Make my birthday extra special.  Let’s not put the money in the coffers of those exploiting a holiday that you just happen to be in the position to be celebrated just because you were able to conceive/fertilise and got a baby at the end of it.  Surely the delivery of a baby should be celebration enough?

Don’t even get me started on what it’s like on Mother’s Day to those unable to conceive. Or those that have lost their mother.  Or worse, as was the case for me for 4 years, unable to conceive or have a mother to send a card to.

I have reluctantly bought my husband a card and he has reluctantly bought me one and we will reluctantly hand them over at breakfast with some mumbling about not needing a day to tell someone why they are special.  We should just ignore it, but even in the echelons of rantville, we are STILL feeling a bit pressure to do something.  That’ll be it though.

What would be better is if we all just do something romantic for our other halves on a weekly and monthly basis.  I will endeavour to do one of my husband’s “jobs” at home once a week and once a month I will do something romantic, like cook his favourite meal, hold his hand (yes, sadly I don’t really like holding hands, puts me off my walking rhythm) or be the one to instigate the kiss hello.

What will you do?  Plump for the single solitary day like all the other robots or go out on a limb?

Happy Valentine’s Day.  😉


The Ungrateful Mother

All morning (well since 9.30am when I got up) I’ve been composing a blog post in my head.  It went something like this:

What I wanted to happen on mothers day (choccies, flowers, arranged lunch out, a clean house)

What ACTUALLY happened on mothers day. (2 cards) MOAN MOAN MOAN

But I’ve had to wait for the laptop to fire up. I then went off to sort some washing out and hubby and the 4 year old are out visiting someone nearby. I was trying to work out what photo to put up and as I still don’t know how to sync my iPhone to the laptop, that took some time to decide to leave it. So by the time I actually wandered back to the laptop to do my big moany post, I had a change of heart.

Yes, my hubby doesn’t always think in great detail about what I might actually want and yes I did request chocolates or flowers or a home-made gift from the kids last year after a similar ungrateful feeling, but it was a year ago.  My husband is very busy (just like me) and spends 2 days looking after said kids, cooks, cleans (to some extent) and generally shares a lot of duties.  Why is all the onus on him to make this a special day when I just need to be honest and create the day I want?

So I’m going to stick a smile on my face when he gets back.  I’m not going to moan or drop sarcastic comments about the lack of anything.  Next year my daughter will be 5 and I’ll tell her 2 weeks before mothers day what I’d like her and her younger brother to buy and kick-start a tradition.  Hubby will just do as he’s told my the daughter and I’ll be a happy mummy.

Phew!! Moan over. Ungrateful mother, over and out.