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The End of the School Dinner

It’s been a pretty stress free year here since the government brought in school dinners for all Reception to Year 2 children in primary schools in the UK.

We had nothing to lose to sign Pickle up at her new school (who were providing school dinners for the first time because of the new rules, having them brought in by a catering company).  We thought that if it didn’t work out, we’d just switch back after term 1.  However, although we had a few meals that were in hit and miss, on the whole she loved it.

We loved it.

No more rushing to put together a packed lunch in the morning.

Unfortunately she has now decided school dinners aren’t for her.  She says she’s always hungry because there are parts of the dinner she just doesn’t like.  She also rarely eats the pudding.

So, sadly, come September, we will be back putting the sandwich fillings on a rota, creating little containers of cut veggies and fruit and bunging in a frozen block to keep it all fresh.

We are going to attempt to get TM on the school dinners though (he starts in reception) but as he is the pickiest child known to man, I’m not holding my breath and will include a packed lunch on most days just in case anyway.

Whilst lamenting the loss of those extra 10 minutes in the morning I did have the foresight to calculate how much we would be saving (excluding the cost of the packed lunch – I haven’t figured it out yet).

£45 a month.

I guess every silver lining….