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The Plough Sacks their head chef – Human Resources 101

There are many many rules to good Human Resource (Personnel) management.  I’m thinking The Plough in Great Haseley needs to pick up a HR manual and learn the basics after what unfolded last night on Twitter.

It started with a fairly innocuous tweet about Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and then delved into some bad ass tweeting that can only come about if the person who has the password for the twitter account is sacked with barely a week to go before Christmas.  See for yourself below (read bottom up)

Plough Pub 2















Plough Pub 1So, what did The Plough do that was so wrong?

Well, it is entirely possible that the chef in question left it too late, was demanding or had an expectation that he could just “hop it” over the Christmas period, just when The Plough were getting ready for an onslaught of hungry Festive fellows.

However, in my opinion, there is always a right way and a wrong way with these things and I wonder whether the proprietor (or proprietors) had explained the position, hours and holiday expectations up front.  If someone is expected to work over a holiday period, then they should be made aware of it.  Ideally in writing.  Now, I know that as a chef, that should be an expectation and assumption, but we all know the saying “Assume – Makes an ASS out of U not ME”

Secondly, if you fire someone, especially in the week prior to Christmas (and let’s face it – that is a really shitty thing to do and demonstrates a real lack of basic HR.  How did they not know they wanted to sack him?  If they were planning on sacking him, they should have bought the new guy in at Christmas to cover his shifts and then given the this guy some notice). A clear explanation is needed and a protocol should be followed.  Where I work (admittedly a big corporate, but this should work regardless of size) you are expected to hand everything back.  You don’t take a laptop, your pass card or any paperwork as you leave the building for the last time.  What company  or establishment in their own right makes a decision to sack someone who has access or, quite possibly, the administration right to their twitter account.

Thirdly, always ALWAYS assume that sacking someone is going to go terribly badly.  Think carefully about your strategy and try to mitigate for this exact sort of scenario.

And here is the really worrying thing.  As of 2pm today, the messages are still up and the company appears to not have any knowledge of what went down yesterday.

His first comment was retweeted 1881 times, favourite 368 times and was still being discussed 34 minutes ago.

His comment about the meat coming from Asda has been retweeted 2288 times and favourite 839 times.  It is still being retweeted!

Well, you can check the conversation yourself.  Needless to say, if his comments about the meat were anything to go by (and lets face it, they’d hardly be the first), you’d need to be bearing that in mind if you are eating there during the festive period.

The Plough?  The balls in your court.