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I’m getting old.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, but I’m making a far bigger leap into the unknown this coming Wednesday (6th, in case you were wondering) than I did when it all happened a year ago.  I’m actually going INTO my 40’s.  Up until now, I’ve just teetered on the edge, looked down, smirked at you all swimming about down there and gone. Nope, not yet, not me,ha ha.

Forty bloody one, eh?


So with time marching on I reflected on the year that was my 40th year.  I was in Rome on my birthday, which I knew about because I’d chosen the destination.  Just hubs and me and a boutique hotel.  We nearly didn’t get there because of the snow, not just in the UK but in Rome as well.  Taxi’s weren’t running and our hotel kept calling us with updates.  In the end our flight wasn’t cancelled and the snow cleared enough for most things to get back to normal in Rome so off we went.year older

I got an IPad on my birthday which was a HUGE surprise not least because I didn’t ask for one and hubby had to do some sort of secret handshake with the security men at Heathrow to allow it to be scanned without me seeing it.

I wasn’t doing twitter very much on my 40 year old account, so all my updates were done on my real account and it wouldn’t have even occurred to me to blog about it.  I had 0 followers on my blog, wasn’t connected via all the social groups I am now and I think I had 2 followers on twitter at the time.

Which brings me neatly on to what the last year has taught me.

  • I can write.  Occasionally quite well.  Most of the time adequately.  Most importantly, I enjoy it.
  • I mustn’t tie myself in knots about trying to be a popular blogger. Do what I like and if other people like it, celebrate that.
  • I can sketch.  I bought a little book in January and have done 3 little sketches.  They look alright. They aren’t amazing, but I quite enjoy doing it.
  • With a bit of effort, a lot of blog reading and ten tonne of googling I can put together an outfit and look ok
  • Shoes still allude me
  • I’m ready to have my hair chopped off.  The delay is that my hairdresser keeps extending her maternity leave. Watch this space.
  • My twitter followers are really good at choosing the right outfit for a night out.
  • I’m ok at exercising if it fits in with my routine.
  • The UK can kick arse at hosting the Olympics
  • I can manage a nursery, school, work run……albeit in a mild panic.
  • I’m reeeeeally good at keeping a secret .
  • I’m only going to have 2 children .

So, once more unto the breach I go.  I’ve got a meal booked for the 7th, then apparently we’ve got something going on on the 16th.  What it is I don’t know.  It came to light when The Monster got an invite to a fellow nursery child’s 2nd birthday party on the 16th.  I said I didn’t think we had anything on and was about to rsvp when hubby got a bit panicked and confessed that I can’t take The Monster because I’ll be doing something else and he needs to work it out.  I’m not getting tooooo excited.  It could just be a meal with friends or a beauty treatment or something (which will be lovely).  We’ve now RSVP’d to the party and he is taking The Monster which made me think I will need to be getting ready for something most likely.  Any way, it’s all very intriguing, I’ll keep you all in the loop.

So, off I go then. 5 more days of being 40. Ticking a new box on a questionnaire (41-50, Gah!) and desperately trying to hang on to my looks.  See you on the other side.