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The Ungrateful Mother

All morning (well since 9.30am when I got up) I’ve been composing a blog post in my head.  It went something like this:

What I wanted to happen on mothers day (choccies, flowers, arranged lunch out, a clean house)

What ACTUALLY happened on mothers day. (2 cards) MOAN MOAN MOAN

But I’ve had to wait for the laptop to fire up. I then went off to sort some washing out and hubby and the 4 year old are out visiting someone nearby. I was trying to work out what photo to put up and as I still don’t know how to sync my iPhone to the laptop, that took some time to decide to leave it. So by the time I actually wandered back to the laptop to do my big moany post, I had a change of heart.

Yes, my hubby doesn’t always think in great detail about what I might actually want and yes I did request chocolates or flowers or a home-made gift from the kids last year after a similar ungrateful feeling, but it was a year ago.  My husband is very busy (just like me) and spends 2 days looking after said kids, cooks, cleans (to some extent) and generally shares a lot of duties.  Why is all the onus on him to make this a special day when I just need to be honest and create the day I want?

So I’m going to stick a smile on my face when he gets back.  I’m not going to moan or drop sarcastic comments about the lack of anything.  Next year my daughter will be 5 and I’ll tell her 2 weeks before mothers day what I’d like her and her younger brother to buy and kick-start a tradition.  Hubby will just do as he’s told my the daughter and I’ll be a happy mummy.

Phew!! Moan over. Ungrateful mother, over and out.