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Baby Names

You spend nearly 9 months thinking about names for your precious child.

  • You go through the name book
  • You create a voting system for you and your partner (that might be just me) – stars out of 5.
  • you get 1 “save” on a name, thus allowing one of your favourites stay in the list, despite the partner disliking it.
  • you check the baby name list so it’s not too popular.  Not in top 100, phew.
  • You agonise for months trying to get an unusual enough name but easy to spell and not too odd.
  • You finally get the name, then you spell it unusually (Scandinavian spelling). You are happy, your child is unique.  Right?  Right?

Well, right up until she starts bleedin’ school and there’s another friggin girl in Reception class with the same name. Same spelling and everfing!  Gah.

Not just that, despite there being 3 classes, they put my daughter and “girl with same name” in the same class and with an M and a N for their first surname initial. For crying out loud. I should have called her Jane.

I think I’m going to have the same problem with my son.  I think naming boys are harder for various reasons.  Boys names just don’t do it for me. I don’t know what it is.  It might be to do with having lots of girl dolls, girl friends and just generally thinking of girls names a bit more, but sitting down to think up boys names seemed like I was searching for the one I disliked the least.  Eventually we happened upon one, I really really liked.  Unusual.  It was a character in a top US series, but I knew that would be long gone when he’s older and it wouldn’t matter.  It starts with a “D”.

I have since discovered no less than 4 of the people I follow on Twitter have sons with “D”‘s name.  I didn’t imagine that would ever happen.  Thought he might bump into 1 or 2 in his lifetime.  OR a few dogs with the same name, it’s a popular dogs name.  Part of me is impressed you all like the name as much as I do, but part of me is really annoyed at you all for nicking it (some of you may have older children, but that’s not the point).  My child is no longer unique.  I bet when he starts school he’ll be one of 5 “D””s in his class.

The really annoying this is that for my daughter I actually wasn’t that keen on the name we went with.  I wanted to call her “Olivia”, “Isabelle” or “Amelia”.  The only reason I didn’t is because they were all in the top 5 of the name charts.  I bet you that there isn’t a single one of those names in her class.

I could kick myself.

How did you find naming your children?  Do you wish you’d chosen differently, happy with it or are annoyed like me that your name has been stolen?