Choosing a Secondary School

Ok. Let me just start this post by saying my daughter is six.  Yes, six. She’s in Year 1, just 2 years into primary school.

However, I’m currently choosing her Secondary School.

There is a reason for this. Regular blog readers and those who visit my other blog here, know that we are about to “Escape to The Country” and this is supposed to be a more permanent move than we have ever done before, so it needs to be right for every aspect of, at least, the next 20 years.Secondary School

One of our (many) reasons for moving is that we know our chances of getting into the best secondary near us is very slim. I knew that when we moved, but we had a 5 year plan so we weren’t that bothered.  The ones within reach of us are not very good.  Of course, by not very good, I mean they have a poor Ofsted.  Pfffft.  You may have read my views on Ofsted on previous posts.

As it turned out, one of our search areas happen to have an Outstanding Ofsted and is a sought after school.  However, properties don’t pop up very often and we have had to expand our search area.  So we’ve begun trawling through loads of information about every secondary I find.

The Bad news is that it appears East Hampshire and East Berkshire have ALOT of underachieving schools!

It has got to a point where we can can only pinpoint 3 small areas (1 of them is north of Newbury, so only useful if I get the Swindon job), that fall within good/outstanding schools.  The rest (over 7 schools) have all been marked as needing improvement.

So, I’ve started to look at things other than the Ofsted. Me, of all people know what a load of baloney it can be, but when it comes to Secondary Education, I can’t JUST dismiss it as easily.

I’m looking at GCSE results.

I don’t know what else to do.

I can’t start booking in to look around these schools. MY DAUGHTER IS SIX. I’m looking at websites, googling them to see if people are saying good stuff.  I don’t really know what else to do.

I can’t completely dismiss them though, can I?  In 5 years time things could change and I’ll miss out on buying my dream house?

What would you do?


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