Dear Idiot I work with

Dear Idiot that works in my department,

Being an ar@#*ole like you are, is starting to get a little dull if I’m brutally honest.  Having a miserable, scowly face is getting on my nerves and rushing around, arriving late to meetings looking serious and looking “oh so stressed and busy” doesn’t make me feel privileged to have you there.

It doesn’t make you look busier than me

It doesn’t make me think you are more important

and it definitely doesn’t make me respect you.

Basically, it makes you look like a twat.

You call yourself a project manager, but I very much doubt you could organise yourself out of a paper bag.  Do lists, for crying out loud.  Put reminders in your frickin calendar and RESPOND TO MY EMAILS!!

God damn it you’re an idiot.

Yours sincerely

Someone who feels a whole lot better.

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